Ridgeside Recording is a project studio located in west Nashville, just 11 miles from the capital building. But when you're there, you might think you're in the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee.   Surrounded by trees and wildlife including whitetail deer, wild turkey and plenty of turtles, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks and birds native to middle Tennessee, Room On The Ridge is a good place to get away from all the noise - whether it's outside or inside your head - and get down to the business of being creative. Two ISO booths, a live room and a control room provide  the necessary space to accommodate most situations and a few key pieces of gear, microphones and amplifiers are all you really need in this modern age of digital recording. Should you need a larger room for initial tracking, we have friends with excellent full service studios in town to get basic tracks recorded and then return to the privacy of the Ridgeside for overdubs, vocals, mixing, editing and general fairy dust that will make your tracks sparkle! Whether you need guitar or piano vocal demos or full productions, we can help get your music ready for the world to hear.

The Cockpit
House kit with vinatge bobsled
sit, write, listen...create!
Booth 1of 2...now go sing!
Boxes and knobs
A few amplifiers
A smattering of microphones
A handful of other sound makers
a bunch of guitars